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About The Coach 

As a little girl growing up in Montreal, Canada, I tagged along with my big brother and played all the sports that girls were not supposed to play! I asserted myself and learned at a very young age the courage to stand tall even with the bigger, older boys. My parents knew then nothing or no one could stop me from following my drive.

Since those early days, I have continued on a forward path of growth and transformation. As a 7 time World Kickboxing Champion, I learned that dreams, action oriented goals and commitment to self improvement are the key ingredients to getting what you want out of life. I have taught martial arts for 17 years and currently coach top US National Athletes to reach their athletic potential. Comfort zones do not provide growth. Settling is not an option.

I have had the pleasure of being a successful entrepreneur, small business owner and also swimming in the sea of corporate America.

My greatest learning transformation and growth occurred when I was laid off from a six figure high pressure corporate sales position- a true blessing in disguise! I then rediscovered my own priorities and balance that had been buried in a hectic, disempowering environment. In other words, I reestablished true self care. I changed my priorities 180 degrees to reflect my passions and authentic self.

My journey and passion to always live life to the fullest have led me to share this knowledge and help others reach their personal and professional fulfillment. This makes the difference in how we experience the world around us and what we get out of it.

My mission is to provide my clients with a safe environment of breaking through obstacles to become self aware of what they really want most out of life, and together provide a process to get there.

Never let go of your deepest personal and professional dreams.

The benefits of your journey to self fulfillment are empowering and life changing. Are you ready to discover your full potential and follow your inner calling?

I am here for you, and available to coach you forward.


Palm Coast, FL
Phone: 407-509-5252
Email: dawn@becoachedforward.com