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Frequently Asked Questions 
What is Coaching?
Professional coaches provide an ongoing partnership designed to help clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives. Coaching helps people improve their performances and enhance the quality of their lives. Coaches are trained to listen, to observe and to customize their approach to individual client needs. They seek to elicit solutions and strategies from the client; they believe the client is naturally creative and resourceful. The coach's job is to provide support, enhance the skills, resources, and creativity that the client already has. (ICF 2006) Coaches work with clients on a variety of topics: from business and professional issues to personal and spiritual concerns. A coach is an advocate, a sounding board, an accountability partner, truth teller and supporter. The coach accepts the client unconditionally and brings unbiased objectivity and curiosity. Coaching involves dialogue between a coach and a client with the aim of helping the client obtain a fulfilling life. This is achieved by helping the client establish what is important to them and by clarifying their values. With the client's input the coach co creates value based goals and a plan to achieve them. Through this collaboration, the coach supports the client to achieve these goals.(ICA 2007)

As your coach I will:
  • Encourage you to set goals that you truly want
  • Ask you to do more than you may have done on your own
  • Challenge your assumptions about yourself
  • Provide you with the tools, support and structure to accomplish more

What coaching is NOT
Coaching is not therapy, counseling or psychology. The process of coaching should not be mistaken for a therapeutic intervention. Coaching is oriented towards goal setting and encourages the client to move forward. A therapist typically works with a dysfunctional person to get them to become functional. A coach works with a functional person to get them to become exceptional. A coach works with individuals who are already emotionally healthy to move them to magnificent levels. Coaching does not rely on the past issues for achieving growth, but rather focuses on goals towards the future. Coaching is action oriented. The focus is on where the client is right now, and where they want to be next, and how to get them there.(ICA 2007)

Who works with a coach?
Entrepreneurs, business owners, professional and people seeking change/growth are the clients who typically work with a coach. Regardless of their professional or personal endeavor, all my clients have one thing in common: they are all successful, resourceful individuals who want to get even more out of their lives. Coaching is like having a personal trainer for your life!

Have more sustainable energy
Together we will identify the areas in your life that drain your energy, and create a long term strategy to eliminate them. In addition, we will focus on the areas that do give you energy, and explore how to maximize their impact. When you are happy, productive and free from tolerations and obstacles, life is a lot more fun!

Benefits of having a coach

  • Support to discover the answers within oneself
  • Co-creation of an action plan to achieve what the client really wants
  • Support in making life changing decisions
  • Direction, Acknowledgement and Encouragement
  • Resource of information
  • Empowerment
  • Accountability
  • Strategies for change/growth


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