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  • The Coaching Process

Be Coached Forward accepts clients locally and globally. Coaching sessions are generally conducted over the phone, at a mutually agreed time for a specific number of sessions. Face to face coaching is also available. Many people create change for themselves in a short time. However, to refine and sustain the change typically takes several months. As a result, I ask that we begin the coaching process with a 3 month commitment on the part of both of us. Sessions are typically 45 minutes in length, 4 sessions per month, with email and telephone support included. It is ideal when session times and days are consistent throughout the coaching relationship. Be Coached Forward offers a variety of coaching opportunities, tailored to fit each individual's personal and professional objectives.

  • Non-Judgmental Attitude

I am not here to judge "right or wrong". My position is to coach the 'real you' to get the life you desire. As there may be times when you will share information that may make you vulnerable, I assure you that I will treat your choices and actions (past, present or future) with respect

  • Coaching Agreement

Our coaching agreement or contract is an "at-will" alliance and we both reserve the right to terminate this partnership at any time. All actions and decisions are yours and you alone are responsible for the results of these choices. As your coach, I will encourage, motivate, guide and help you achieve your successes. How far you go and how fast you get there is up to you.

  • Coaching Expectations

What I expect of my clients during our coaching relationship:

    • I expect my clients to be honest and open about their goals, strengths, and needs.
    • I expect my clients to put a genuine effort to invest their time, energy, knowledge and personal commitment in achieving their stated goals.
    • I expect my clients to pay in advance.
    • I expect my clients to be diligent about completing all assignments,
    • I expect my clients to be punctual and prepared for each session.

What clients can expect of me during our coaching relationship:

    • You can expect me to be respectful and supportive
    • You can expect me to be punctual, prepared, honest and direct
    • You can expect me to be unconditionally constructive.
    • You can expect me to ask questions and make requests.
    • You can expect me to share resources, information, and other learning tools as appropriate.
    • You can expect me to give you the best advice I can.
    • You can expect me to keep all aspects of our relationship private and confidential


  • Confidentiality

All of our interactions (conversations, emails, faxes, etc) will remain strictly confidential. The exception to this will be that, from time to time, I may use a situation from your coaching experience as an analogy in another client's session, or in a public setting such as a newsletter or a seminar. In this case, I will not use your name and will refer to the situation in such a way that you will not be identifiable to others.

  • Feedback

Give and ask for feedback as much as possible. Please let me know when something is working for you, as well as when something is not. My objective is to have a coaching relationship that is fully open, honest, real, and trusting.

  • Standards

I adhere to the ICF Code of Ethics. In addition, I value and adhere to my personal standards of being a healing presence, and of being accountable with my word. I have formal training as a life coach from the International Coach Academy.

  • Refund Policy

If you are not satisfied with coaching, Be Coached Forward will refund any pre payments made. I will request you discuss with me your reasons for terminating our coaching relationship

  • Referrals

I appreciate referrals. With the personal nature of this alliance, being referred is one of the greatest compliments.

  • Testimonials

Once our sessions are established I will be asking you for a testimonial. I hope you will share your comments. I reserve the right to post these on my website or use in written promotional materials.

  • I specialize in the following areas:

    • Work-Life Balance
    • Goal Setting, Establishing Boundaries, Organizing and Establishing Priorities
    • Empowerment over Transition
    • Fulfilling Your True Potential
    • Stress Management/Self Care
  • The Coaching Investment:

Coaching fees are payable to Be Coached Forward LLC. Personal checks and internet payment are available. All coaching services require payment in advance or the sessions will be cancelled. For one time sessions, coaching fees are due 24 hours before our first session. For monthly programs, coaching fees are due on the 1st day of each month. When fees are agreed to and paid up front, we can then focus our sessions on the real task at hand (getting you the results you want)

Several coaching plans are available to maximize your personal results. Each person is individual and I will be happy to customize a personal coaching program for you based on your specific needs and goals.

  • Monthly Packages Include:

Initial 30 minute conversation prior to the first session

Client Intake and Desires form

Exercises and resources throughout the sessions and fieldwork for discovery

Email and telephone support for the duration of the package

  • Extra Calls/E-Mail

All monthly coaching packages include email and telephone support. I want to be available for you should you "get stuck" or are trying to break through an issue. I'll do my best to be available. I ask that we keep these calls to 10-15 minutes. Email is also accepted during these times. I will try to respond within 24 hours. Both are great ways to announce wins and accomplishments between sessions or a needed word of encouragement.

  • Changes and Cancellations

I commit to respect you and your time and expect the same from you. In the event that you need to change or cancel a scheduled session, I require a 24 hours notice. In turn, I will extend the same courtesy to you should I ever have to reschedule or change a session. If I am late for a session, I will pro-rate the hour and refund the time lost. If you are late for a session, the time will be lost and not made up. If you miss a session completely, that session will not be made up.


Palm Coast, FL
Phone: 407-509-5252
Email: dawn@becoachedforward.com